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We have seen many devices (like soundcards, recorders, ADC etc.) with various problems (sync. loss, unreliable working, bit glitches) on S/PDIF interface(s) and this problems was more significant with high samplerates (192kbps and more).

Often there is no solution to solve this problems, because sound-cards vendor is not a chipset vendor in most cases and they use proprietary technologies under chip-set and dev. board vendor's license.

Аnd we have (generally) 3 NO:

  1. They can't solve a problems (for technical or sub-license restrictions);
  2. They do not concede problem(s) at all (probably can't reproduce conditions :) );
  3. they do not disclosure any documentation for user, so he can't solve problem by himself

Another big reason. There is no (good) mobile-solution (sondcard & driver for laptop) working with 192 kbps in linux.

Our project that named Orionty Audio was founded for record HD classical music. We use a good quality external ADC, but it's hard to found a mobile (firewire, usb, ethernet box) with with AES\EBU (XLR) or S/PDIF interface that can work at 192 kHz samplerate.

We tried some firewire soundcards with FFADO project but without any success.

In Addition S/Odif is not good interface. It's was created for consumer applications (Home TV and etc.). It has very low signal level (according to specification), which don't have enough power for transmit signals (and we observe this problems in our lab) in modern digital noisy environment. It is much better to use balanced AES/EBU digital interface between PC-interface and ADC, that can provide enough signal level.

So we decide to develop our own S/PDIF-to-alsa (in both directions) interface working on 192 kbps, with RTP/IP/Ethernet in the middle. This will be release under GPL, so there will be no any kind of problems above. Anyone can use, diagnose and improve this as needed.