Donations to the Orionty Hardware project

The people behind the Orionty Hardware project accept donations. There are however some remarks that have to be made in order to avoid false expectations from donors.

Any donations you make are considered a token of appreciation for the work being done by the people that develop hardware. This means that doing a donation does not grant you any additional rights whatsoever. You won't get guaranteed/better support, you won't get more say in the projects evolution by paying (only coding and hardware development can give you that). We still might decide at any point in time that life doesn't allow us to continue working on our projects. Donating is to be taken literally: you give it away.

We think that job we have down already shown our commitment to the project, and therefore we believe that we can expect that our users have some trust in what we do. The donations won't change the way we are working in a negative way. On the contrary, they will most likely motivate us to do more.

By stating this disclaimer we hope to keep everybody's life simple.

Should there be any problems or remarks regarding our policy or anything other donation-related issue, please contact or the mailing list.