About Orionty hardware

Orionty Holding company is working in different directions. When we had started to realize some of our projects we couldn't find all devices that we need for our tasks.

We decided to create this device on one's out. We invited an engineers for these purposes and our new project got an Orionty Hardware name.

We are going to create unique and useful devices and of course, we can sale it successfully. But we have a policy that require to share it free. Also, we are sure that our work can be useful for people. And there is only one way to do perfect devices. We published it under GPL license that provide rights to everyone to change our project and make it better.

We started our development from small S/PDIF to Ethernet converter (digital soundcard interface for PC) that used in Orionty audio recording project. Also We will develop more different devices, but now they are at early development stage.